• undergravity
  • August 2, 2016

UnderGravity’s “I Don’t Need Ya” Video is A Blast from the Past [@undergravitySAF @RISEDVD]

How many references can YOU spot in UnderGravity’s nostalgia-minded video for “I Don’t Need Ya?”

When UnderGravity marked their return to the Houston music scene with “I Don’t Need Ya” in June, it came at the perfect time. The Funkatron Duo of M.A.C. and Atom Bomb managed to craft a soulful summer single that was “windows down” music, with an infectious bounce that hydraulics would envy.

Now “I Don’t Need Ya” has a set of visuals to match. Its classic sound might make one expect for Undergravity to take things back to the 1970s with the music video.

They DO go back, but not that far. Rather, iRise Filmz depicts M.A.C. and Atom in the summer of 1997, with a host of homages to life before the millennium. It’s almost like watching the music video equivalent of a time machine – FUBU baseball jerseys, gray tapes (word to DJ Screw), a PlayStation (before it was known as the “PSOne”), a candy-painted Monte Carlo with spinners, Nike Airs, and yes, even starched jeans with the crease all make appearances. Though “I Don’t Need Ya’s” message about casting aside unsupportive relationships is deliciously bitter and freeing, its music video will bring a nostalgic smile out of any viewer.

Watch the visuals for Undergravity’s “I Don’t Need Ya” single up top. The duo will release their Space Age Funk, Vol. 1: The Crash Landing album across all digital formats on August 9.